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Business Tax Preparation

We are well versed in the different entity structures and their tax compliance considerations. We specialize in partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp, and sole proprietorship tax returns. 

Individual Tax Preparation

We are well versed in individual tax returns with rental properties, small business, broker proceeds and trades, home mortgages, charitable contributions, medical expenses, and W-2 income.

Tax Audit Representation

We help our clients with IRS tax letters,  past due tax returns, payroll tax return complications, installment agreements, Offer in Compromise, innocent spouse issues, statute of limitation considerations,  penalty abatement and audit reconsideration.

Don't wait to contact us, the IRS problems will only compound with delay. The longer you wait, you risk more penalties, interest, levies and liens. 

Forensic Accounting Services

Fraud is pervasive in financial accounting.  Usually a lack of segregation of duties and poor internal controls leads to these financial losses. Fraud prevention and training are key to the reduction of fraud losses. Call us today for an evaluation to implement a fraud prevention program for your company. If you suspect a fraud is occurring now such as bookkeeping manipulations to asset misappropriation, call us immediately for a plan of action to stop the fraudster in their tracks.

Tax Planning

Sound tax planning is key to increased profits and the legal reduction of taxes. From new entity formations to new asset acquisitions, the sky is the limit in reduced tax liabilities. Call us before your tax year ends to create the best tax planning scenario for your situation.

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